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WANTED: ADIs Who Are Worth £30 An Hour

Are you worth paying £30 an hour for your driving lessons?
£30 an hour is what I charge my learner drivers
and my 2 month waiting list needs taking care of
by a top quality driving instructor.

There are driving instructor franchises in Carlisle
who charge more – and offer less,
all I ask is, are you worth it?
Should people be paying £30 an hour for your services?

Let’s look at the sums.
Average driving school franchise in Carlisle is around £75 a week.
The average lesson price is around £26 an hour
when you take special offers into account.

You do 40 hours a week,
and the extra £4 an hour I can give you
will add around £7500 to your current earnings.
If you think you have got what it takes,
Phone me.

Driving School Franchise In Carlisle

Are you worth £30 an hour?

Why do we have driving schools offering lessons to pupils at £10 an hour
when I have not give a special offer for 2 years,
have charged the highest amount in Carlisle for a similar length of time
and currently charge £30 an hour.

Yes there will always be a cheap end of the market
there will never be any getting away from that
but is that what you are worth?
Are you a cheap driving instructor…You do not need to be.

Would You Like A £7500 Bonus?

There are not many jobs, if any, where you can ask your boss
for a £7500 bonus, well you can ask but you will not get far!
However today, this is the real opportunity you are looking at.

Assume you are charging an average rate of £26 an hour.
We don’t need to get into your special offers etc.
We’ll just say you charge £26 as a fair and reasonable average.
My school is £30.
30 hours x £4 x 1 year = £6240
40 hours x £4 x 1 year = £8320
45 hours x £4 x 1 year = £9360

I have been charging on average around £4 an hour more than most schools in Carlisle.
For almost 3 years I have been working 45 hours a week.

Want To Join My Team?

As you can imagine
I am very protective over my brand name
and all the hard work, blood, sweat and tears
I have put into my driving school.

If you feel you can match the skills required of a top quality of instructor
or have the desire to become the best instructor in Carlisle
then pick up the phone and call me.

This is strictly limited
I will only allow additional ADIs join my team
if I have the availability of learner drivers
and we have to be a right fit for each other.
So what are you waiting for – contact me now.



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