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Standards Check Training In Carlisle

Mess this up and it could be curtains, but with my 121 training not only will you have the skills and confidence to sail through your Standards Check you will also see a difference in your day to day learner driver training.

Many driving instructors right across the UK fear the Standards Check, and it is not surprising. When the stakes are high we can become open and vulnerable to mistakes – remember you are human and not an immortal DVSA robot! 

No one likes to have THAT envelope drop on your doorstep
but let’s take opportunity to add value into your business as well as 
taking the fear and the unknown out of your Standards Check.

Ideally you will want to receive an A grade, but of course it is understandable if you want to just get things done and dusted and get a B grade, however aiming for a B could introduce faults.
Put it this way, it is just as easy to work to an A grade standard as it is a B grade standard. This is not rocket science and you do not require more time.

To gain an A grade is just a change in strategy.
To take the fear out of your Standards Check, call me today