ADI Part 3

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ADI Part 3
Ability To Instruct

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This is the final stage in your qualifying process.

You will need to teach according to the 17 competencies which were written to fall in line with the ‘National Standards for Driver and Rider Training’.

You will spend at least 40 hours with your trainer to make sure you feel confident and to be able to teach safely before you go on your trainee licence.

If you decide you don’t want to go on a trainee licence, you can still teach friends and family but you will not be able to charge money for this.

Once you are ready you will take your test.  During the test you will be expected to conduct a lesson with a pupil, which is observed by an examiner, who sits in the back.

You will feel well prepared for this as you will be used to your trainer being there during your training and observations.