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Important: Did you know only 9% of people who train to become a driving instructor, qualify!

It is a staggeringly poor figure, much of that is down to people being lured into the promise of a wonderful career.

So, I’m asking, do you know what to expect?
What I do for you is totally different to any driving instructor training in Carlisle.
I’m not here to tell you what a brilliant career choice it’s going to be.
I suspect that 7/10 people are not the right fit…is that you I wonder?

What’s important right now is to understand what is the right choice?
Can you commit to driving instructor training in Carlisle?
There is an easy, low cost, low risk solution to testing the waters.
You could enrol for part one, take training to get a flavour of what to expect, however it can easily set you back £200 – £300.

Or you have a better answer…
…I have a special 1 day taster course.

You will experience real life lessons with our learner drivers.
Also, you will enjoy 121 advanced driver training.
Throughout the day you will be asked questions, so you can decide if driving instructor training in Carlisle is right for you and your family.

What Next For Your Future…

The sensible next step is to call me.
We can talk why you want to be a driving instructor.
You can ask me questions.
And I can give you more information to help you.

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Kevin Graham is a rare breed among driving instructors he is forward thinking and embraces continual professional development to keep his skills up to date for the sole benefit of his customers. Whether you are wanting to learn to drive or become a driving instructor you will not fail to be impressed with Kevin's knowledge and skills, he is a quality driving instructor and if you are a potential customer then make sure you contact Kevin Graham as you will receive expert training and quality tuition from a genuinely nice person and expert in what he does best and that is helping people to drive and become driving instructors.

Graham HooperManaging Director Tri-Coaching Partnership

“This is a testimonial for Kevin Graham. I have known Kevin for quite a long time and have developed a strong business relationship with him. He has always been fair, very reasonable and what is really good about him is that he considers the thoughts and feelings of the people around him. Kevin runs a successful business, and its success is down to two elements, his ability to deliver a top service and his genuine care and attention to every person he works with. I can assure anyone Kevin is a safe pair of hands and he is the person to speak to for driving instructor training in Carlisle”

David PooleDavid Poole & Associates

Driving Instructor Training In Carlisle

Being a driving instructor, or an ADI (approved driving instructor) as we
are known inside the profession can be a brilliant career choice for the right person.
Are you the right person?
That is what you have go to find out now.

I am not going to apologise for saving you money
by giving you something to really think about
because only around 9% of people like you
who start training will go on to qualify.

For an education based industry the 9% pass rate is shocking
and is brought about by people who are interested in becoming a driving instructor in Carlisle but not really understanding what is involved.
And sadly, weak training is to blame.

Any driving instructor can train someone to be a driving instructor
and that is where you have the problem.
Instructors are trained to teach learners - and not instructor training.

Why Are You Even Here?

Go to any website offering driving instructor training in Carlisle and you will read about the part 1, part 2 and part 3, along with the sort of money you can earn. You need to forget all that right now, do not be attracted by the money.

Yes I can help you become a driving instructor in Carlisle
but is it right for you?
That is the question you need to be asking right now, and every day until you start training. Training is going to be a big commitment, so do not go into it lightly.

Most Schools Get Training Wrong

The best way to explain this is using the alphabet as an example.
You can teach a child how to memorise the alphabet,
and those letters will be remembered and in sequence.
Some will even tell you what number of the alphabet each letter is, but try getting the child to spell from just knowing the alphabet.

It is actually really difficult, and this is why so many people fail becoming a driving instructor, because they have been trained to remember and not trained to spell...or in this instance solve driver training problems.

So when the senior examiner asks you to do something, you can.
However, when the examiner asks you a question, wants to know your thoughts, that's when trainee instructors fail!

Phone Me

If you think I could be the right driving instructor trainer for you then pick up the phone and give me a call.
I will answer your questions and I will help you fill in the gaps so you can decide if becoming a driving instructor in Carlisle is for you.

Ask me about the taster course!


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